Friday, February 19, 2010

"Snow Again" & "A Beautiful Day for a Picnic" - Project 365 - Days 48 & 49 of 365

Yesterday things got a little hectic atound here, so I missed posting my Project 365 photo of the day.

I did take one however, early in the day, before the whirlwind that was life took all my time away.

So tonight I am posting both my photo from today, and and my photo from yesterday.

Snow Again - Project 365 - Day 48 of 365
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"Snoow Again" - Day 48 of 365

It snowed again yesterday so I captured a snowy tree image early in the morning, to which I later applied an IR filter effect using Tiffen DFX v2.

A Beautiful Day for a Picnic - Project 365 - Day 49 of 365
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"A Beautiful Day for a Picnic " - Day 49 of 365

Picnic benches buried in snow along the shores of Upper Waterton Lake in Waterton Lakes National Park, in southern Alberta, Canada.
Spring was in the air, the snow was beginning to melt... hopefully the warming trend lasts and spring comes early.

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