Monday, October 25, 2010

Baby Western Lowland Gorilla - Photo of the Day - October 25th, 2010

Baby Western Lowland Gorilla - Photo of the Day - October 25th, 2010
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"Baby Western Lowland Gorilla"

Western lowland gorillas are typically lighter coloured than their Eastern relatives, and often have a reddish-brown forehead.

Females give birth about once every 4 years, starting at approximately 10 years old. Sadly, a high mortality rate means that surviving offspring are only produced once every 6 - 8 years. Young nurse for about 3 - 4 years; their mothers provide them with food, transportation, and socialization. Males don't interact much with young, but do protect them. Gorillas live in groups of 5 - 15 individuals, typically with one dominant male known as a silverback, because of his age-related greying hair.
Though they are the largest primates, gorillas are very peaceful. They seek to resolve confrontations with displays, rarely coming to blows. These displays often involve noise-making including chest beating, which is done with cupped hands (not fists) and bluff charges.

Photo taken at the Calgary Zoo, Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

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  1. Fantastic Image.
    I was at San Diego in March at the Zoo and did get some also. I really cant resist these beautiful little ones.

    My Panda was published .