Thursday, September 2, 2010

Fox Lunch - Project 365 - Day 245 of 365

Fox Lunch - Project 365 - Day 245 of 365
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"Fox Lunch"

Day 245 of 365

I was on my way home today from an unsuccessful photo excursion to the local park and saw a large bird just sitting in the grass. There was also a Swainson's Hawk up on the light post so I drove around the block, stopped to get pics of the Swainson's and continued down the road to see if the bird in the grass was still there. It was so large I thought it was a golden eagle at first. I was able to drive up really close to this guy because there was no way that he was leaving his catch, there were too many other birds around waiting for the leftovers. I sat beside this rough-legged hawk for almost half an hour while he picked away at his lunch. Needless to say, I have many photos of him. Unsuccessful trip to the park = successful trip home :)

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