Thursday, June 24, 2010

"Summer Phlox" - Project 365 - Day 175 of 365

Summer Phlox - Project 365 - Day 175 of 365
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"Summer Phlox"

Day 175 of 365

One thing that may come from all this rain, a few more wildflowers this summer.

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  1. How very very stunning.
    I may look for you on facebook as well.
    Love you POV and the DOF.
    What do you shoot with or did I ask you that.
    Have a great night.

  2. As far as i know, you hadn't asked yet.

    I shoot with several different camers.
    I currently have a Canon 50D, Canon Digital Rebel, and a Canon Powershot SX200.
    I recently upgraded to the 50D from a Canon Rebel XSi.
    Lenses used for the d-slrs: 18-55mm kit IS lens, 55-200mm, 75-300mm, and 17-85mm. I have yet to acquire a macro lens or any prime lenses, but those will be my next equipment purchases likely.

    I am pretty easy to find on Facebook, either via the link to my Fan page on the right, or through the 2010 Project 365 FB group.