Friday, June 18, 2010

"Stout Goldenrod" - Photo of the Day - June 18th, 2010

Stout Goldenrod - Photo of the Day - June 18th, 2010
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"Stout Goldenrod"

A close-up of bright yellow Stout Goldenrod (Solidago squarrosa) blossoms.

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Stout goldenrod:
- Flowers: Yellow; 10-16 flower rays; 15-30 disk florets; flower head is narrow and elongate; not secund; August – October.
- Leaves: Basal leaves are strongly toothed; egg-shaped to elliptical; lower and basal leaves are 10-25 cm long and stalked; upper leaves are much smaller and unstalked; are horizontal “wings” where the leaves join the stem.
- Stem: Erect, usually solitary; reddish.
- Height: up to 1.5 m tall.
- Habitat: Dry woods, fields, and rocky area
—Source: Andy’s Northern Ontario Wildflowers – Andy Fyon

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