Saturday, May 15, 2010

"Canada Thistle" - Photo of the Day - May 15th, 2010

Canada Thistle - Photo of the Day - May 15th, 2010
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"Canada Thistle"

A macro photograph of the deceptively beautiful purple flower of a Canada thistle

Captured near St. Mary’s Reservoir Provincial Recreation area in southern Alberta, Canada.

Captured with a Canon Rebel XSi with an 18-55mm lens.

Canada thistle (Cirsium arvense) is a perennial flowering plant that is an invader from Eurasia.
Canada thistle is misnamed, since it was brought to this continent from Europe in the early 1600’s. Due to competition with crop plants, weed control legislation for Canada thistle was passed as early as 1795 in Vermont and 1831 in New York. Canada thistle is a problem even in Europe where natural enemies abound, because it is an aggressive weed that spreads both by seed and extensive root systems. The deep roots grow horizontally and send up shoots along their length, forming dense colonies.

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