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"Double Hyacinth 'Hollyhock'" - Photo of the Day - March 20th, 2010

Double Hyacinth 'Hollyhock' - Photo of the Day - March 20th, 2010
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"Double Hyacinth 'Hollyhock'"

The Double Hyacinth ‘Hollyhock’, ‘Hyacinthus orientalis’, has exquisite, double deep pink flowers. It is an extremely fragrant, spring-blooming flower and one bloom scents an entire room! Hyacinths are great for indoor forcing, containers, and borders. They flower in mid spring for a 3 – 4 week period.

Hyacinths require a well-drained soil. If they must be planted in heavy soil, mix some sand into the soil. When planted in somewhat shady spots, the flowers will last longer than they would in the hot sun. For the best effects, plant the bulbs in clusters of 5 to 15 bulbs of one variety, or scatter clusters throughout the garden or flower border. Wear gloves to prevent skin irritation. These plants are deer, squirrel and rabbit resistant.

Captured in Allen’s gardens, an indoor conservatory in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

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