Saturday, January 23, 2010

"Tarot" - Project 365 - Day 23 of 365

Tarot - Project 365 - Day 23 of 365
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Day 23 of 365

The Shaman Card

Wisdom - transcendence - intuition - deep knowledge of underlying forces - clear insight into recurring cycles - supernatural talents - otherworldly, extrasensory visions.

Inner message: The Shaman inside you is capable of merging his intuitive perceptiveness with the wisdom of the Elders. Meditate and find out what really motivates you, what ... See Moreyour inner core truly desires. Don't waste time trying to fulfill more superficial desires. They can never satisfying your ancient longing. This is not their task. Shift your attention to what is essential. Most essential in your life is your own being. Without knowing the true essence of your being, your heart will always remain empty and dissatisfied. Without recognition of who you are, without inwardly awakening to that, you stumble like a drunkard through a maze of meaningless limitations. Remember your Self! Take the time and whatever space you need to explore your innermost being. For that, you don't have to go anywhere.

Outward manifestation: Much of what feels no longer right for you is ready to leave or fall away. Be thankful! You may have to go through the pain of dissillusionment, but that's in fact your liberation. If you want to awaken to Reality, no spiritual entertainment technique can help you. It is time to face yourself. The Shaman merely reminds you of your spiritual heritage. He points to your source, the unnameable, the mystery of your existence, the power that created everything and absorbs you back into itself at the end of this life. Contemplate how to best spend your time!

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